4 Reasons to Rent a Yacht in San Diego, California

There’s nothing quite like summer in California. Between the swaying palms, vast sandy beaches, and cosmopolitan cityscapes, every moment here is more ‘grammable than the last. To the south of the state, San Diego is the perfect place to enjoy the endless blues of the Pacific Ocean – and what better way to do so than from the water itself? Read on for some irresistible reasons to rent a yacht in San Diego this summer.

Sail the Serene Waters of San Diego Bay

Worried about the motion of the ocean? San Diego Bay is a vast natural harbor to explore, sheltered from the open sea for a smooth sailing experience. Whatever the weather brings, there’s plenty to see and do without worrying about large swells or rough seas.

A cruise around the bay offers scenic views of the city skyline along with the chance to stop off at popular spots for shopping, sightseeing, or simply showing off your stylish vessel.

Witness Stunning Natual Wonders

Sea life lover? Rent a yacht in San Diego to get up close and personal with some incredible marine life. Blue whales, the largest mammals on Earth, can sometimes be spotted off the coast of San Diego during the summer, while sea lions and seals are seen in abundance.

Dolphins love to play in the surf created by the prow of the boat, while green sea turtles can sometimes be seen munching seaweed when you stop off for a swim.

Arrive in Style at Some of the City’s Coolest Spots

Summer in San Diego could not be complete without a sunset cocktail cruise. Watch from your very own yacht as the sapphire blue fades to cotton candy pink against a backdrop of twinkling harbor lights. Once you’re done soaking up the sunset, head to one of the city’s many waterfront bars or beach clubs where you can disembark to join the party.

Planning to rent a yacht in San Diego during the day? Drop anchor in the exclusive oceanfront community of La Jolla, where you can snorkel, watch surfers in action, or visit the many high-end boutiques and restaurants.

Celebrate a Special Occasion with the Ultimate Yacht Party

Did somebody say San Diego yacht party? Gather your favorite people, throw some beers and bikinis in a bag and host an incredible event to remember. From intimate elopements against a stunning backdrop to wild birthday parties at sea, there’s no bash that isn’t better on a boat.

Ready to Rent a Yacht in San Diego?

Discover some of the best San Diego yacht rentals right here with Captain Don Marine. Find your dream experience by choosing a luxury yacht from our extensive fleet, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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